10 Ways to Make Your Footwear Live Longer

It is better to buy one good pair of shoes than three bad pairs of shoes. Not all modern fashionista will probably agree with this statement, but such a smart woman as Marlene Dietrich knew what she was talking about. High quality shoes can really serve for years, while seasonal trends from China are unlikely to survive more than six months. But sooner or later everything comes to an end. Have you invested money in an expensive pair of shoes? Then listen to the advice, which will prolong the life of your shoes considerably.


Even expensive and high-quality shoes get worn out sooner or later, but a good pair of shoes will last much longer. Besides, there are some simple secrets that will prolong their life as much as possible. Do you practice the same rules?

1. Invest money wisely

Each season, fashion dictates its own rules and cultivates new trends. It is a very costly thing to blindly follow these trends and fully update your wardrobe every six months. Therefore, stylists strongly advise to spend money wisely. For example, the footwear, which you should not regret buying, includes leather boots (demi-season and winter), classic black and beige shoes for ladies and classic shoes (for example, “Oxfords”) for gentlemen. On the contrary, you may save money on extravagant models of bright colors.

2. Protect the footwear from moisture

700-hair-spray-hairdresser-beauty-cosmeticsThe first thing to do when buying a new pair of shoes is to apply a special spray with a moisture repellent effect. But before doing so, try to use a small amount of the product under the laces (men’s shoes) or on the back of the heel and closer to the toe box (women’s shoes). If there are no adverse reactions, use the spray on the entire surface.

3. Keep an eye open for the weather

This means you should not only choose the right footwear for the rainy, snowy or hot weather, but also remove the traces of water from your shoes. Did you step into a puddle? Do not forget to dry your wet shoes and remove the remnants of moisture, filling them with newspaper. Do not dry the shoes on a battery, if you do not want to see cracked leather or lacquer.

4. Take proper care of your boots

boots-fall-winter-1Leather boots will last longer and will not get deformed, if you store them properly. During the off-season, do not forget to fill the shoes with paper or use special extensions. If space allows, just put the shoes on one side and stretch them. You will avoid creases and “wrinkles” that can age your shoes considerably.

5. Take a break

Experts recommend not to wear the same pair for two days in a row. Shoes need time and air to restore their appearance. By the way, the same is true of bras: sports and ordinary ones.

6. Do not forget about “shoe makeup”

Even the pair of shoes you bought last week may seem quite battered. After all, city dust and mud will not make it look better. If you want the shoes to look new and tidy longer, do not forget to clean them with a soft cream of neutral colors. As for wax, it should be abandoned: it may dry out natural leather, which will inevitably lead to the early ‘aging’ of your shoes.

7. Remove salt

sandalsSalt is a real enemy of footwear, which can easily spoil expensive shoes and boots. Have you noticed awful white stains? Try to remove them immediately. To do this, mix one part of vinegar and three parts of water, dip a small towel into the mixture and gently rub the stain until it disappears completely. After this, let the shoes dry naturally (without a hair dryer or a battery).

8. Remove grease properly

Has another piece of fast food fallen on your shoes? Do not ignore grease stains. Treat leather shoes with baby powder, leave it for five minutes and then brush off the residues. If you have suede shoes, every drop of sauce can be fatal. So be careful with gastronomic preferences.

9. Nail polish will help you

shoes-stilettos-footwearHave you scratched expensive patent leather shoes? Do not rush to get upset and throw them away. Remember that sometimes you can fight fire with fire. So choose the nail polish of identical shade (fortunately, there is a great selection of them) and gently color the damaged area with a thin brush. This life hack has saved many girls from a nervous breakdown.

10. Pay a visit to a professional

Good shoes should be looked after. Do not forget to visit a shoe shop from time to time to change heeltaps, clean the shoes thoroughly or maintain their appearance.

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