Sirtfood Diet Guide: How Did Adele Lose Weight?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s your introduction: welcome to the Sirtfood Diet, the up-and-coming program claiming to help people lose seven pounds in as many days. Look at Adele strolling around unfamiliarly thin – she endorsed the new trend and now serves as a demonstration of its capabilities.

Which Other Celebs Follow The Sirtfood Diet?

The trend can boast of an increasing number of followers among celebrities; apart from Adele, giving it a try are Jodie Kidd, Pippa Middleton, Lorraine Pascale, and Sir Ben Ainslie.

What is The Sirtfood Diet?

This diet has been around since 2016, and from the start, it has been quite a hot thing. The principal idea is to take in as much „sirtfood“ as possible. As the founders expound, the term means particular foods that activate sirtuins, a type of protein in our bodies. Scientists think that sirtuins strengthen body cells not allowing them to die under stress; also, they can alleviate inflammations, improve metabolism, and slow down the aging process.
Sirtuins are also believed to enhance our ability to get rid of fat and make our metabolism work its best with a guaranteed result of seven-pound week‘s loss without losing muscle. Yet there are experts who voice doubts that it involves fat loss only, but might have to do with glycogen changes in the liver and skeletal muscle glycogen stores.

Who Created The Sirtfood Diet?

The brainpower behind Sirtfood Diet is British nutrition specialists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten. The diet‘s name is derived from the SIRT1 gene, also known as a “skinny gene.” An article in Men’s Health says the diet is intended to stimulate this important gene.

So now, what does the diet incite you to eat?

Since „sirtfood“ is the food that activates sirtuin, the diet suggests some totally unexpected items, heading the list are red wine and dark chocolate, both strong activators. Although, certainly, you are not guidelines to get by chiefly on Cabernet and Green & Blacks, if the truth be told. You will be well advised to get acquainted with the full list.

The main body of the Sirtfood Diet activation list comprises healthy sirtfoods of which you are supposed to partake on a daily basis. It is suggested you base your eating habits on the following:

• Citrus fruits
• Buckwheat
• Walnuts
• Capers
• Lovage
• olive oil
• Parsley
• Capers
• Blueberries
• Green tea
• Strawberries
• Red onion
• Kale
• Coffee
To name a few.

What about a special plan for employing the Sirtfood Diet? Here it is:

The first week:

• Eat not more food than totaling 1000 calories daily
• Have three green juices included in the diet every day
• Have one meal of rich sirtfood in a day.

The second week:

• Go from a daily dose of 1000 calories to 1500
• Have two sirtfood green juices and
• two meals of rich sirtfood every day.

This is, though, but the basis for your new eating routine. As soon as you have accustomed yourself to getting by on healthy sirtfoods and you feel full of energy and in the pinkiest of conditions, you can regulate your daily intake at your convenience.

On completing the diet

If you found yourself comfortable with the aforementioned two stages, you can go on rotating them until you drop all the weight you want. If you decided you have had enough of it upon achieving your purpose, you can still keep to sirtfood-rich dishes and meals for continuous weight balance and general well-being.

You won’t have any difficulty finding any quantity of Sirtfood Diet books containing sirtfood recipes. Alternatively, you can alter your habitual recipes to make them more sirtuin-activating and introduce more sirtfood-rich snacks.

You can also benefit by staying with the sirtuin-advisable green juices for your daily drinks.

The Sirtfood Diet is great not only as a temporary measure as a weight-loss plan, but as a lifestyle regulation as well.

Can you be sure that the Sirtfood diet works for you?

The no-doubt aspect of the diet is that it comprises foods that are generally healthy, providing you with sufficient nutrients and a good amount of vitamins and minerals.

Yet, this diet belongs with those that eliminate entire food groups, and they may be harmful. There is no conclusive research proving beyond doubt that by focusing on your ‘skinny gene’ you resolve all your weight issues. It may be brought down to restrictions placed upon the calorie intake and the choice of foods and not on the unique aspects of the diet in question.

So you may end up eating what you like most with good care not to exceed a reasonable calorie intake, and it will work for you just as well.

In what cases the Sirtfood diet has better be avoided?

The Sirtfood diet is definitely not suitable for people suffering from diabetes. Then, people who lead a very active life may feel not nurtured enough for the fast lane; there might set in side effects of switching on to a low-calorie intake – vertigo, light-headedness or other signs that your lifestyle is not supported as it should.

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