Lunch to Help Women Lose Weight

The psychologists from Birmingham University say that if a girl constantly has a diet and struggles with overweight, a full dinner will help her solve the problem.

Woman eating cake

A hearty meal will help reduce the number of snacks per day which are the main cause of excessive weight. The study has been conducted with the participation of three groups of people. Each one was offered the same dishes for dinner. The first group of participants had to focus their attention on the dinner, the second group was offered a newspaper article that included a variety of recipes and other helpful articles about food – instead of dinner, and the third group could combine the tasks of the first two groups.

According to this experiment, the scientists tried to find out whether the participants remembered how their dinner was held and what they ate. Dr. Suzanne Higgs, a leading researcher at the University of Psychology, said that if the maximum focus was on lunch, then those memories would later help the girls survive longer without having a snack. The participants of the study were asked to focus on the edibility of food and remember its color and smell. Also, they had to pay their utmost attention to the process of chewing and swallowing, that is, attention had to be given to each piece individually.

After lunch, the participants were asked to recall and describe what they had eaten. Then they were offered another cookie. However, most of the participants refused. Hence, the scientists have concluded that there is a direct link between the vivid memories of the main meal and subsequent snacks. The high concentration of attention on the dinner will help the girls avoid further meals.

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