How to Restrict Appetite and Not to Gain Excessive Weight

Before you can solve a problem, you must first find out the reason for it. As a person who is watching weight, you have to know why you feel like checking your fridge again even if you’ve just closed it, and how to avoid gaining excessive weight.

Healthy Appetite


Most women need to consume about 3 pounds of food per day to feel full. If you eat less than that, you’ll feel hungry all the time. Eat foods rich in dietary fiber and water (vegetables, not too sweet fruits and whole wheat foods) to suppress hunger without gaining excessive pounds.

Not only does fiber rich food provide daily food intake, but it also takes longer to digest so you feel full for longer. So the next time you feel hungry, make sure you eat grapefruits, cucumbers and crisp bread.

Healthy Sleep

The lack of sleep leads to obesity. There is scientific evidence that leptin levels, a special protein that controls appetite, drop as your tiredness increases. It means you lose control over your food intake, leading to intensified hunger and excess calories build-up. It also increases the cortisone levels, which boosts the need for carbohydrates, and, therefore, leads to excessive weight.

Right time to Eat Chocolate

Dieticians verified that people, who tend to eat chocolate on empty stomach, are more likely to become chocolate addicted. It is explained by the fact that the feeling of hunger enhances the taste of any high calorie food, meaning you want to eat more of it. If you are a big fan of chocolate, try to leave it until dessert. Those, who eat chocolate fifteen-thirty minutes after having a meal, are less likely to eat it again at later time.

Eating While Watching TV

If you have a habit of eating while watching TV, working on the computer or reading a book, you put yourself at two risks. First, as you are not focused on food, you keep on eating despite you’ve already full, because your brain is busy with other things at the moment and is not able to control the eating. Second, the brain links TV, computer or a book to food so you will have the urge to eat while doing your favorite pastime activities, even if you are not hungry. Unfortunately, we develop behavior reflexes very quickly.

Weather and Appetite

Appetite depends even on the climate you are living in. When it’s cold, our body needs more food for keeping us warm. That’s why northern people eat more than southern ones. In the south, people even skip lunch in hot afternoons. But as the heat declines, they eat double portions.

The body didn’t need some extra energy during the daytime and the appetite dropped to begin raging in the evening.


As a rule, those with increased activity of lipoprotein lipase enzyme suffer from wild appetite. No sooner does fatty food enter the stomach than the enzymes digest it in no time and distribute fats all over the body. And they are ready to function again. And it means you feel hunger again.

Stress and Appetite

Stress also may cause raging appetite. When we are stressed, a special defense mechanism stops the release of gastric juice. But some people have problems with the mechanism so the activity of brain zone responsible for appetite is not controlled. Such a person will think of nothing but food even on the dying bed.

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