Not All Healthy Foods Are Actually Healthy

We often try to buy only the food which will be good for our health as we try to improve our health state: muesli for breakfast instead of toast with sausages, yogurt instead of chocolate pudding, and juice instead of cola. But as it turns out, not all foods which may seem to be healthy are really so. For instance, muesli, yogurt, and juices are not only good for you, but hide some harm for the body as well.


Does Muesli Refer to Healthy Food?

Muesli often contains overly high concentration of sugar and salt. Moreover, literally every vitamin and mineral in the “healthy” breakfast is chemically designed.

Is Yoghurt That Healthy?


Regarding yogurt recent studies have shown that they mostly contain sugar, corn syrup, and artificial substitutes. For those reasons it is recommended to buy skim yogurt instead of the fruit flavoured one. Add some fruits and berries to skim yogurt yourself.

Is Juice Beneficial to Your Health?

Even juice is not as healthy as it may seem to be. Many juices sold out there only look as juice and even have a sign “100%” on the package. Naïve consumers believe them to be 100% pure juices and buy them since they wish to supplement their body with healthy nutrients, but get only 100% diluted concentrate. In fact the word “juice” is nowhere mentioned on the box.

Does Consuming Juice Lead to Obesity?


Furthermore, if you read the information on the pack carefully, you will see that even pure fruit drink contains sugar. If you are a strong healthy eater you probably know very well that excessive consumption leads to obesity and high cholesterol levels.

Don’t Believe Dieticians

From what has been said above, a single conclusion can be made – no matter how much dieticians praise some particular product – read the information on it carefully before you consume it.

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