Liposuction: after the Operation

Woman's Hips after LiposuctionLots of women dream of getting rid of that fat on their waists and hips, but are afraid of liposuction, as this is a serious surgical procedure. They have no idea, how they will look and what happens after liposuction has been performed. You already know the types of liposuction, and here is some more useful information about it. Not everyone can afford this operation, but those, who still do, should know what they should expect after they have it done.

What Happens Right after Liposuction Has Been Performed?

Right after the procedure a tight bandage or an elastic bandage is placed and the next day compressive linen is put on the area. If the operation was insignificant, the patient can return home on the next day after the operation. The pain after the liposuction is usually not strong and can be easily eased with analgesic. Unavoidable bruises and swollen skin usually disappear in two weeks, but sometimes it takes longer – 3 to 4 weeks. The compressive linen, however, has to be worn for 1-2 months.

When Will Your Skin Look Smooth Again?

Young, elastic skin returns to its initial state rather fast and soon, looks smooth and healthy. Some perceptible scars are left at the places where canulla was inserted (usually, the cuts are made in the natural skin folds). Smart eating and regular exercise can allow your liposuction results to last potentially indefinitely.

After-Effects of Liposuction

If your initial expectations are realistic then there is no need to worry about the results. Insignificant asymmetry of zones is also one of the after-effects of liposuction. In 6 to 12 months the skin will even-out on its own, without any additional intrusion. In the worse case scenario, however, the skin has to be removed with a follow-up surgical correction.

Another possible unpleasant after-effect is the lost of skin elasticity which results in flabbiness and limpness. It can be corrected, however, with the skin-lifting surgery.

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