Healthy Breast Diet

Woman with Beautiful and Healthy BreastWoman’s breast should be not only beautiful, but first of all healthy. Nutritionists are sure, not only proper cosmetics, ideal hygiene and regular fitness can help keep your breast healthy, but the right diet can do it as well. So, what do we, women, need to eat and drink daily in order to have healthy and beautiful breasts? Here are some healthy tips to follow.

Orange Fruits and Vegetables

First of all, women should include orange and yellow fruits and vegetables into their daily diet. These are fresh and dried apricots, citruses, bananas, carrots. They contain a lot of vitamins A, E and C – the main antioxidants, which don’t let your breast and your body in general age fast.

Prevent Breast Cancer

White and Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli are the necessary foods, that should be eaten in order to improve and maintain the breast health. These are the main foods protecting the breast against cancer processes.

Bran Is Good for Breast

Bran bread, porridges made of wholegrain and prepared with water, beans and legumes contain fiber, which has a good effect on the hormonal state of the woman. This is why women should eat at least one item from the list daily.

Selenium for the Healthy Breast

Besides, woman’s breast can’t do without selenium, which is contained in brazil nuts and beer yeast – the main sources of vitamin B1, which gives the breast skin the necessary elasticity.

Drinks for the Healthy Breast

Moderate consumption of sweet wine can also be good for women’s breast. Other drinks beneficial to breast are green and white tea. Nutritionists recommend to drink 3 to 5 cups a day, as these types of tea have strong antioxidant properties, as you already know. This means, that they protect the body (including your breast) from various diseases and early aging.

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