Cereals Prevent Breast Cancer

Cut BreadMost women trying to be thin and lose weight don’t eat bread. But in reality coarse meal bread and whole grain bread can reduce the risk of breast cancer in young women. This has been found due to a seven-year study of 35000 women. According to the researchers, 350 patients developed malignant breast tumor before menopause. All of them consumed food rich in proteins instead of fibers. As a result, this type of diet was one of the causes of breast cancer. Pr. Janet Cade from University of Leeds claims, that nutrition can have a dramatic impact on cancer development in young women.

The researchers did not find the link between diet and breast cancer for older women, but before menopause particular diets contribute to breast cancer. This means, that those preferring healthy food rich in fibers are less likely to develop breast cancer. To prevent breast cancer eat cereals, muesli, grains, bread, pasta, fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in fibers.

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