Beer Consumption Rules

BeerIn the yesterday’s article “Beer and Your Health” it was described, how unhealthy drinking beer can be. It can affect the cardiovascular system, the kidneys, it can provide you with a “beer belly”. And although there are many “experts” saying, how beneficial to health beer is, the way it’s prepared nowadays normally makes it lose all the healthy properties. But should you absolutely avoid drinking beer, if you like its taste? Of course, not. But if you drink it correctly, you can avoid health problems, that may be caused by beer. Here are tips, how to drink beer without damaging your health and figure that much.

  • Remember, beer stills the thirst poorly, much worse than regular mineral water.
  • To prevent a “beer belly”, count beer as a meal or have it with some low-calorie snack.
  • Drink beer slowly, taking small sips; the stomach stretches less and the carbon dioxide acts less aggressively.
  • Do not drink beer before bedtime – this puts some extra pressure on your kidneys.
  • The safest beer is the one sold in glass bottles. Safe also are the “live” (unfiltered) and classical draught beers.
  • Do not forget that almost any type of “alcohol-free” beer contains alcohol (on average from 0.4 to 0.7 percent of alcohol).

Following these tips can really reduce the risk of getting that beer belly. You may enjoy your cold beer without fearing for your health.

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