Penguins, the Cute Inhabitants of Antarctica

Remember beautiful pictures of Antarctica? There were lots of penguins on one of the images. Today here are pictures of these Antarctica inhabitants. These cute birds can be very often found there, but not all penguin species are native to cold climates. Penguins spend half of their lives in the oceans, this is why you will also see some photos of penguins jumping into the water. Penguins have almost no fear of humans, as there are no predators attacking them overland in Antarctica. This is why penguins let take so many beautiful pictures of them. Enjoy!

Mom Penguin Cleaning Son Penguin

Penguins Jumping into the Water

Two Penguins

Cute Penguins

Lying Penguins

Penguin Jumping into the Water

Mom Penguin and Son Penguin

Lots of Penguins

Penguin in the Sun

Cute Walking Penguins

Penguins on the Beach

Little Penguin Hiding under Mother

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