Types of Face Skin Aging. Webbed Face

Woman with Aging Face Skin Today here is another article about the types of face skin aging. Yesterday I described you the ways of taking proper care of the “tired face”, and this time you will learn about the next type of face skin aging – the “webbed face”. As people with overly sensitive, dry skin age, they develop a “webbed face”. This type of skin naturally has very thin protective coating – hydrolyptic mantle. As they age, the mantle gets even thinner, the skin exsiccates extensively; furthermore, the face loses its fine complexion and develops a whole web of wrinkles.

Protect the Webbed Face

First of all, this type of skin needs protection. Do not look down on simple methods here. A cute scarf or a wide hat will protect your skin perfectly well from the sun and wind, while plants, home aquarium, air humidifier will prevent dehydration. Your skin requires typical hothouse conditions!

Moisturize Your Sensitive Face Skin

The earlier you turn to face creams, the better. Adolescents can use a regular oily cream, but a good quality is a must. This cream will protect the inner skin layers, keeping the moisture in. Once reach their twenties, those ladies should use creams which contain moisturising elements, preferably presented in special microcapsules.

Hyaluronic Acid to Take Care of the Webbed Face

Hyaluronic acid is a lifesaver for this skin type. It retains moisture perfectly and thus is often used in creams, but the substance works well only on the outer layers of skin, since its large molecules can not cross the epidermis barrier. Specialists recommend using hyaluronic acid injected as an ingredient of mesotherapeutic gels and cocktails. A couple of sessions will help you get the smooth and elastic skin back.

If you fear injections, you can outsmart them and try moisturising masks. Hyaluronic acid and other useful components, which are molecularly modified, are sprayed on a film extracted from placenta; the elements then reach deeper skin levels under the pressure of the film.

Electrophoresis to Take Care of the Webbed Face

Electrophoresis is handy as well. It magically restores moisture, since the useful elements are practically hammered in by the electric current.

Be Careful with Pilling, if You Have the Webbed Face

Theoretically, any kind of chemical pilling helps fight wrinkles. Yet, be extra cautious when using them on dry, thin skin. Surface pilling will do no harm for sure, but mean depth and deep kinds of pilling can lead to serious issues (such as the new skin growing unevenly, with spots, blood vessels jutting out slightly) in case of overdosage.

Dermabrasion to Take Care of the Webbed Face

If the situation is really serious and the face resembles a baked apple, the only way out is dermabrasion, which, as you already know, is also used to get rid of unwanted tattoos. Dermabrasion is skin polishing technique with the use of the laser and a special nozzle. The procedure is very effective, but complicated as well, thus shop for a reliable specialist to perform it.

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