Types of Face Skin Aging. Combined Type

Combined Aging TypeYou already know the four types of face skin aging: the “tired face”, when the skin is puffy, the “webbed face”, which is developed by the dry skin, and the “loss of shape”, which normally occurs to obese people, as they age. But every aging symptom (swelling, wrinkles, sad face folds in the corners of the mouth folds) can be observed on the face with the combined type.

Botulinum Antioxins for the Combined Skin Aging Type

In addition to all the procedures described in the previous articles about face skin aging, botulinum antioxins can be helpful here as well. Those relax and fixate the muscles, so that the wrinkles smooth out a bit.

Recover your Face Shape with the Gel Restline

There is an option of recovering the face oval and filling up the wrinkles by a procedure which uses artificial filling compounds. Those compounds include collagen and forms of hyalyronic acid with slow resorption property. Once injected, the gel Restline, remains under the skin for about six months. The gel will eventually resolve, but it will create the wanted effect before that.

Hyalyronic Acid to Treat the Combined Type of Face Skin Aging

On the final note, some combined treatments have been developed recently. They are created by spreading the same good old hyalyronic acid on a polymer. Those not only help recover the skin volume, but improve state of the tissues as well. As the time passes, the substances are not removed from the body, but are fermented instead. Thus, it is really important to remember, what has been injected and when.

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