Is It Reasonable to Undergo Botox in Bangkok?

If you are from Australia or New Zealand, getting affordable Botox is impossible. The costs are high due to several factors with the high cost of labor and materials being amongst the top reason. Is there an alternative? Well, yes. Botox in Bangkok is not just affordable, but Thailand is home to some of the best Botox clinics as well. When you talk about regaining your youth, getting rid of those wrinkles and deep, unsightly fine lines and those creepy crow’s feet, Botox is by far the best procedure you can choose.

Millions of men and women go for Botox all around the world. The procedure is safe, reliable and non-invasive. Not to mention, the treatment is painless. Botox in Bangkok certainly beats natural remedies and at-home recipes for facemasks and whatnot. Not only do they take a long while to fetch the results you desire. Over time, organic materials are going to start costing a pretty penny.

Thailand sees an influx of over 20 million tourists per annum. The magnificent island nation has become a massive medical tourism destination and people from around the world come here to enjoy their vacations, attend conferences, and to look young again. Aussies and Kiwis certainly enjoy coming to Thailand for Botox. However, keep in mind it is pointless to expressly visit Bangkok exclusively for Botox. The difference in price between the Down Under and Thailand is marginal, yet if you are planning to come to Thailand, it will make much more sense undergoing the procedure and saving a few hard-earned dollars.

Why It Is Worth Saving On Your Botox in Thailand

The main reason why many tourists go for their Botox in the lovely city of Bangkok is, of course, the low price. Sure, you may not be able to save much, but whatever you save, you can just easily spend on furthering your tourist experience exploring different parts of Bangkok. However, there is also another way you will save money. You see, for an exact estimation, your clinicians will first evaluate the number of Botox units you require. In addition, with the cost Botox products and raw materials already low in Thailand, you will save money regardless of the number of units the procedure entails.

The price of Botox reflects 20 units of the chemical. However, the question is, how much money can you save? A great question. Twenty units of Botox in Thailand will cost you AUD $352/ NZD $380. The same amount at your local clinics will cost you AUD $400/ NZD $440 on average. The savings are not much if you talk about coming for the sole purpose of undergoing the procedure. But if you are already there, enjoying the serene beaches, why not save some dollars and regain your youth?

High Quality Clinical Facilities for Botox

The Botox clinicians in Bangkok are amongst the best in the country. Most clinicians in the city have international academic backgrounds. They have experience and training on par with your local clinicians and many are even fluent in English. While Bangkok offers plenty of great Botox facilities, it is still important for you to shortlist a few options that are a cut above the rest. In light of this, mentioned below are some clinics you should consider:

  • Natchaya Clinic
  • Nirunda International Aesthetic Centre
  • KTOP Clinic

Overall, Botox in Bangkok offers nothing but professional treatment to restore your youth at an affordable rate. You will not have to settle for inferior quality. For more information on how you can schedule an appointment, get in touch with the customer support team on Medical Departures.

Things to Consider for Medical Tourists

Keep in mind that there’s never a 100% guarantee that the procedure will go well when undergoing any surgery or even a single Botox injection, no matter the country. Consult a doctor before you decide on one and inform yourself about the possible side effects. And in case you opt for getting a Botox injection in Bangkok or any other city of the world, it’s important to plan your trip ahead taking into consideration the recovery time necessary after the injection. Also, beware of illegal botox injections and so-called botox parties, they might be very cheap but dangerous and end up in face deformities and other problems.

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