Tips to Creating Your Own Telesales Success Story

Telesales continues to be a very important process for many businesses and even more so for start-ups. This is in order to build up their customer base. You continue to hear of these amazing telesales success stories but in many cases struggle to replicate these. This is why many businesses turn to a leading telemarking agency to help them in this process. Here we cover a number of tips when it comes to creating your own telesales success story.

1. Research your market

The first and one of the most important tips is to research your market. This can greatly help with your response rate, if you are only calling your target audience. This is why you should always use market research techniques at the start of the process. If you have done this background check on the callers and can show this to them initially, then this is instantly going to build a positive rapport between the two parties. This is one of the key steps that has improved over time with telesales.

2. Focus on your telemarketing goals

Another important tip is to always know what you are looking to achieve prior to a call. This could be done through simply setting out a clear list of objectives. It is not just about a quick sale and it can still be a successful process through arranging sales meetings or appointments.

3. The best time to make a cold call

Another tip is to always know the best time to make a cold call, through planning these in advance. This can be done through identifying the day and time that is going to work best for your target audience. With businesses, you should aim to call early in the morning or late afternoon. Then for home consumers, avoiding evenings is a good approach. Research has shown that Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are the best days for business to business cold calls. It is also best to avoid Monday morning as this is a time when staff are usually in meetings or planning the week ahead. This is similar to Friday afternoon and staff are gearing down for the weekend, meaning they will be less interested in your call. You should also always avoid stressful periods, such as the end of the financial year or major holidays such as Christmas.

4. Opening cold call statement

Knowing your opening cold call statement is another key tip. It is important to quickly establish a reason for them to continue talking to you, which is why you need to leave a lasting impression with your opening statement. You should always look to identify yourself, your company and the reason for the call and why this service or product will benefit them. You should also look to immediately engage with them on the call, which is allowing for you to keep the conversation moving along.

5. Ditch the script

The final tip is to simply ditch the telemarking script. Working from a script is a process of the past and can be off-putting to the person on the other end of the line. It can sound robotic and as if you are not actually having a conversation. It can appear you are not listening to what the other person is saying if you are anticipating the next thing to say from the script. You should just simply write a list of points you need to make and then be open to each one with how the conversation goes. It is all about being flexible, which is why telesales in now such a unique skill to have.

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