Non-Surgical Way to Enlarge Lips. Exercises for Lips

Get fuller lips naturally

Many women turn to a surgical solution to enlarge their lips, so that they look more attractive and sexy. It is a fact that beautiful lips attract males. But not every woman can afford a lip enlargement operation, in addition, this kind of operation can bring along a number of side effects. In fact, every woman can make men’s heads go wild over the beauty of her lips without surgical interventions.


How Often Should Lip Exercises Be Done?

In this article you will find some free exercises which will help you improve the tone and enlarge lips in a non-surgical way. When doing those exercises for the first month, do them every day, its preferred to do them even two times a day; then do this exercise complex just 2-3 times per week to maintain the shape of your lips.

Preparation for the Lip Exercises

To achieve the greatest result, wash your face thoroughly and rinse your mouth intensively (first with warm and then with cold water) before starting the exercises. Do a set of 10 repetitions for each exercise at first, then slowly increase the number to 20 during the first month.

Exercise 1 to Enlarge Lips

Stretch your lips out in front well, open your mouth, then tightly close your lips and relax the face muscles. Keep your mouth closed, move your lips sequentially to the right and then to the left, then draw a small eight with your lips.


Exercise 2 to Make Lips Fuller

Stretch your lips out and then sharply breath out, as if you try to blow out a candle or some flock. Slowly relax your lips after that.

Exercise 3 for Fuller Lips

Make a deep breath-in and puff out your cheeks, roll up your lips into a tube. Breath the air out gradually and slowly at first, by the time you finish breathing out, push the air out with a two-three blows.

Exercise 4 to Enlarge Lips

Slowly in a singsong say [a] [e] [o] [u], then make a deep breath in. Puff up your cheeks and breath out the air through half-closed lips, then make a deep breath in. Puff up your cheeks and breath out the air through half-closed lips so that they vibrate while you breathe the air out. You should produce a low buzzing sound.

Exercise 5 for Bigger Lips


For 2-5 minutes whistle some familiar themes, try to make the sound as loud and clear as you can.

General Lipcare to Make Lips Beautiful

But do not fix your efforts to obtain beautiful lips by only doing this set of exercises. It’s not just about getting fuller lips, but also maintaining the lip skin healthy. There are some very simple procedures for looking after your lips, which will help your lips to always look magnificently. It is recommended to do a morning massage for your lips with a soft tooth-brush, after the procedure, first put some balm on your lips, only after that you can put on your lipstick – by doing this you will soon forget about dry, flaking lips. It is also recommended to moisturize lips with a special moisturizing balm before bedtime if you do not have one, use gentle eyelid cream. Do not forget to moisturize lips with balm or transparent lip gloss after staying in the sunshine for a long time. If you want to learn more about lip care in summer, read the article “How to Protect Lip Skin in Summer”.

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