Neck Skin Care Tips

Neck skin requires more attention than the face, because it is the neck that treacherously reveals a woman’s age. This is especially noticeable when a woman takes care of the face and hair, but pays little attention to the neck and the decollete area.

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As you know, the anatomy of a person’s face is unique: the skin is connected to the muscles, the muscles – to the skeleton. The rest of the skin on the human body is not connected with the muscles, and the neck is no exception. So any body cream – in theory – will do for your neck. But there is just one shag to it – like the face, the neck is exposed to the environmental influence much stronger than other body parts, usually hidden by clothing.

There is another objection as for this part of the body – neck skin quickly becomes loose and inelastic. Therefore, there is an inscription on many creams – “for the bust and neck.”

Therefore, you should not spare on the cream for neck. You may use your face cream for neck, as well, or purchase a separate cream for the neck. It should be a cream that increases skin elasticity. Check that it does not cause allergies.

Also, there is an option to use body lotion. from time to time. But beauticians do not recommend to apply it on the neck on a regular basis.

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