6 Plastic Surgery Disasters

Look at the faces and bodies of these patients, and maybe you will never want to go under the scalpel of plastic surgeons. At least, that’s for what the creators of the top-6 plastic surgery disasters hope.


Uniboob, or Joint Together Breasts

The sixth place belongs to the joint together breasts – the nightmare of any woman who expects to change her breast size by setting the implants. The 40-year-old Dinora Rodriguez from Los Angeles decided to “lend” her breasts to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons campaign. The campaigners want to warn the consumers about the dangers of handling the services of unqualified staff.


Liposuction Disaster

Kathy Griffin’s mutilated body is a consequence of a failed liposuction. The singer said that she looked like a “a crime scene investigation”. Fortunately, the celebrity subsequently managed to correct the ugly result. But it cost her a pretty penny, which an average person can not afford.


Too Big Boob Implants

At the age of 19, Denise Richards went through breast augmentation and decided that the surgeon overdid it. The celebrity said she was too hurried, and it wasn’t the right thing to do with the body. She added that you need to ask your doctor 1000 questions. However, instead of breast reduction, her next surgeon made them even bigger. It was only at the age of 40 years that the actress achieved what she wanted.

denise richards

Blepharoplasty Made Woman Unable to Close Her Eyes

The greatest nightmare is the blepharoplasty that made it impossible for a woman from New Jersey to close her eyes normally. Marilyn Leisz says that during the operation, the surgeon made a mistake, and now she has to make a huge effort just to blink.


Facelift Caused Twitch

Penny Johnson from the UK claims that a misconducted facelift caused a twitch. Her plastic surgeon damaged the nerves during the operation, and now the woman’s face constantly reflects “involuntary movements”. Very often her eyes twitch. The woman even had to leave work.


Fatal Butt Implants

Another resident of the United Kingdom went to Philadelphia to go through the emplacement of “black market” buttock implants. The 20-year-old student hurried to go through the operation, and she did not have time to save for a normal procedure in the clinic. She found a man on the internet that provided such services, an he made injections in his hotel room. The girl died of complications.


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