6 Tips for Keeping Facial Creams

For the facial creams to serve as long as possible and bring only benefit, but not harm, it is important to guarantee their proper storage. Here are some tips for proper storage of creams:


  1. A sealed jar of cream can be stored up to three years, an open one will last from six months to a year. Do not use an outdated cream or if you are not sure that it has been stored properly. Using such a facial cream may cause an allergic reaction;
  2. If the package does not say otherwise, most creams should be stored in a dark drawer. All-natural creams without preservatives can be an exception. They need to be stored in the refrigerator. Keep your creams in the refrigerator if the temperature in your room exceeds 30 ° C;
  3. Do not store creams in the bathroom. They are badly influenced by rapid changes in humidity and temperature;
  4. Moisturizing and nourishing skin creams are stored for the longest period of time because they have a stable structure. Glycerol, amino acids and lipids, which are part of these creams, are not damaged by periodic contact with air. Therefore, we should not be afraid if such creams are packed in a jar. Yet you should not take the cream out of the jar with your fingers: it should not get your germs and micro-particles of sweat. It is advisable that you use a special spatula or stick, which must be periodically cleaned with soap and water;
  5. Vitamins are the most “capricious” ingredients. They are most commonly found in anti-aging products. In particular, these include retinol (vitamin A), vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and vegetable extracts. Contact with oxygen is contraindicated for them because they can oxidize or decompose. So do not let such products freeze or get heated, do not expose the bottle to direct sunlight either;
  6. Tea tree extract, zinc, fruit acids, which are most often used in the products for problem skin, are also rapidly destroyed when contacting with air. Various kinds of talc used in matting products should not be exposed to air as well. Therefore, always use a tight-fitting lid immediately after you use your cream.

These simple tips can help you feel safe: your cream will be stored correctly and will remain fresh throughout its shelf life period.

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