How to Prevent Stretch Marks and Be a Beauty

Normally our skin is elastic, but if you grow really fast, there appear lines on the body which are called stretch marks. It can happen during puberty, pregnancy or postpartum, when the body changes a lot and quickly. The usual places for them are abdomen, breasts, arms and thighs – that are all body parts with larger amounts of fat. Postpartum depressions is also not a rare case. When here appear stretch marks too, postpartum period is becoming nearly beyond endurance. Sometimes stretch marks become almost imperceptible after some postpartum time passes. But sometimes they are so deep that they could even be felt by their haver.


What is a stretch mark?

Our skin consists of three layers: the epidermis (the outer), the dermis and the subcutaneous stratum (the inmost). No stretch mark can appear if there’s enough support in the dermis. The hormones responsible for the occuring of stretch marks prevent the forming of collagen and elasting fibers in the fibroblasts. Collagen and elasting fibers are the main and very important supportive materials when the skin is quickly stretched. As a result of their lack the dermis and the epidermis tear. In these places occur unpleasant stretch marks, spoiling the appearance of our beautiful bodies.

How to prevent stretch marks?

In order to prevent stretch marks, some doctors recommend stomach moisturizing during pregnancy. But it doesn’t mean it could help everyone. For some women stomach moisturizing prevents stretch marks, but some are simply prone to them. About 80% of pregnant women develop stretch marks to some degree. The skin needs to be more flexible to be prepared for pregnancy. Balanced diet, being well-hydrated and moisturizing the pregnant belly help avoid stretch marks. What is also to do with stretch marks is to use creams or undergo laser treatments; dermabrasion is one more remedy. Collagen hydrolysates, Gotu Kola extract and vitamin E can reduce the chance of the occurrence of stretch marks. In case they are too deep they can be removed by more drastic methods provided by the modern medicine. But if it’s not the case, the mentioned ingredients help significantly improve the appearance of the existing stretch marks.

Whether your stretch marks are deep or superficial, don’t hung up on the bad, you are beautiful even with stretch marks!

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