Ways to be Beautiful: Dieting vs Exercising

And how I made the right choice

Some count calories, some follow a diet which made a celebrity slim, some pay attention to the fat content of the food, use pills against hunger or develop their own diet, such as “no more than 5 cakes a week”. The others spend hours at the gym, swim a lot, exercise at home while watching TV. There are different ways, but the goal is the same: to be beautiful, sporty, get rid of body fat.

Sports vs Dieting

Counting calories

Once I decided to figure out, how much I really eat. How many calories do I consume daily? I hated maths at school, at the university and I still do now. However I started this topic. And found out that it’s possible to do it with the packed food where it’s written, how many calories it contains. But what to do, I you prepare food at home? Or if you go out for dinner? You can’t eat only salads because vegetables are nonfat. Too much “grass” could damage your alimentary system. So, you never know exactly, how many calories you get.

Dieting makes me crazy

The other time I decided to diet. I managed not to eat a lot for breakfast, lunch and forbade myself any food after 6 pm. But that day I came back from work as usual after 7 pm. And I was very hungry. But I it worked! I didn’t even open the fridge. This meant to be the first small victory. But as I went to bed, my hunger became unbearable, I could almost hear my stomach cry for food. It was impossible to fall asleep and I decided to watch TV. Everything was pretty okay… until the ad began. I wanted every single product they advertised, I could eat EVERYTHING! I switched the channels, but the food was in the films, shows, clips – everywhere! I turned the TV-set off, fell asleep after about an hour passed, still don’t know how. I think I had a nightmare that night.

The next day I felt slimmer, I had a smaller belly, but my hunger was the same. The breakfast was little, at the lunch-hour I managed to eat less than my colleagues. But I dreamed about the dessert later instead of working. And the night was a déjà vu of the night before. The next dieting day I became totally crazy. I was mad about every mention of food, imagined tasty dishes, chocs, supermarkets, couldn’t concentrate on work, couldn’t think of anything else except for food all day long. On the forth day I gave up, prepared a tasty evening meal with dessert and was happy. Dieting is not for me. But I still wanted to be beautiful and attractive. So, I decided to start with sports.

I eat whatever I want and exercise a lot

As for me now, I eat everything I like: ice-cream, chocolate, smoked cheese, pop-corn. I eat this as much as I want and at the same time not too much. For example, when I get to my mom’s, who takes offence if you don’t eat each from the 6 dishes she prepared, each time I take care that I will be able to get rid of the consequences of this food. This means a simple, but important rule: I don’t eat more than I burn. So, after such visits I train a lot to burn all this fat.

I adore badminton, sometimes jog and try to do exercises at home every day independent from if I trained on that day or not. In these exercises I work at the most problematic zones: belly, buttocks, triceps, inner and outer thighs. I don’t diet at all and after 2 months of such regime I not only feel my muscles, I see them. I eat whatever I want, and everything I eat goes to my muscles, the fat is always burned. I didn’t become much slimmer, but now I’m rather sporty and my “problematic zones” are trim and tough. I hate dieting and love sport. And what do you choose to be beautiful?

If your choice is dieting, there is a way to lose weight in just one day.

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