Genius Ways To Restore Your Breasts

While in the past many of us would have had to suffer all of our lives with being unhappy with our breasts, from them being overly heavy and uncomfortable or sagging and smaller than we desire. Today, there are so many options out there that are designed to improve our happiness and quality of life through innovative breast alteration and breast enhancement surgical procedures. If you have ever suffered from a lack of confidence as a result of your breast size or shape, then you will be aware of how damaging this lack of confidence can be to every aspect of your life, from both the social side of things to the way you find work and go about your everyday life. Before going under the knife, it is very important to have a sound understating of the types of procedures there are out there and what the benefits and drawbacks of each may be. Here are some of the key things you should know before going ahead and restoring or altering the size of your breasts…

What is breast enhancement?

Breast enhancement ultimately refers to either the reduction or enlargement of your breasts and is something that can be performed on both men and women looking to reshape their silhouette. Breast enlargement involves inserting implants or transferring fat from one part of your body over to your breasts. Breast reduction surgery works through removing unwanted breast tissue and reshaping the area to create a smaller shape.

Why do people have breast surgery?

People who make the move towards breast enlargement typically seek to improve their body shape after giving birth or losing a lot of weight as they notice their breasts becoming less voluminous. Similarly breast enlargement is also an option for those who simply want to alter the way their body looks in certain clothes! Breast reduction is great for people who have suffered with the strain of having to carry excess weight on their breasts which has resulted in back ache and poor posture.

Types of breast alteration

There are a number of methods out there to help reshape your breasts:

  • Silicone implant surgery: This procedure involves altering the size of your breasts through the insertion of breast implants to increase their size. They also play a part when it comes to reconstruction of the breasts.
  • Surgical breast reduction: This procedure involves the surgeon removing breast tissue and sometimes reshaping the size of your breasts to ensure they are the same size and shape. In some cases the surgeon will also reposition the nipples too.
  • Fat transfer: This method of altering the size of your breasts is becoming increasingly popular and is suggested to be a more natural way of enhancing the size of your breasts as it takes fat from other parts of the body and relocates it to the breast area.

How to choose the right surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon to undertake your chosen breast alteration procedure is vital as you want to ensure that whoever you choose has the correct qualifications, experience and training to carry out the procedure. Some things to always consider prior to going under the knife is whether the surgeon in question is registered and what their reputation is with previous clients (online reviews are a popular way to find out more). Similarly it is important that you talk to both your GP and surgeon prior to undertaking the procedure- take note that responsible surgeons will be able to offer a free consultation where you can talk in depth about the procedure and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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