Curly Hair Secrets from Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts in King Kong MovieNaomi Watts’ blond hair always looks great and well-conditioned. Although her natural hair is not thick and pretty thin, the actress’s hairstyles inspired by her changing images are unfailingly spectacular. Her latest hairstyle is romantic retro-looking curls, the one she wore in King Kong movie. The actress creates her style together with Bob Resin, a hairdresser who prefers light and natural styling.

How to Create Naomi Watts’ Curls

If you want to create Naomi Watts’ curls, complete the following styling stages.

  • Dispense a small ball of a mousse (as big as a ping-pong ball) into your palm and work it through damp hair.
  • Dry your hair with a hair dryer using round hair brush attachment, and then wind strands around hair crimpers 10-15 seconds are enough to create bouncing curls. Do not use crimpers longer, or you hair will suffer.
  • Apply some hair gloss spray to a comb and work it through your hair slightly.
Avoid fixing sprays because they can make hair sticky and take away from natural look.

How to Protect Hair from the Damage of Styling

If you have dry ends, apply hair oil before styling. That softens the ends, makes them manageable and protects hair from crimper’s action. If you want to make curls on long straight hair, use gel instead of mousse. Before drying, wind your hair round hot rollers. As you finish drying, shape your hairstyle with fingers, nor hair brush.

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