Cockroaches Used in Cosmetics

The Los Angeles Times newspaper reports that plain cockroaches, that one would find so unpleasant to see at home, are used by cosmetic companies for the production of cosmetic products!


It turns out that cockroaches are a cheap source of protein. Not any insect is suitable for cosmetics, but only a special breed of Periplaneta Americana. It is the American cockroach, reddish-brown in color and up to 1.6 cm in length.

Breeding cockroaches for industrial purposes is quite a profitable business in the United States and China, and there are even cockroach farms there. According to the Los Angeles Times, one such farm brings $10,000 a year to its owner. Cockroaches are then delivered to cosmetic companies.

Do not be afraid to see a cockroach in your cream. In 2011, FDA mandated that manufacturers needed to indicate on the labels of their products if cockroaches were used in the production.

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