Do Household Chores Really Help Drop Weight?

The researchers from the University of Ulster in the UK doubt the miraculous power of household chores.

Household chores

During the research, the scientists interviewed 4,500 volunteers and found that those who preferred household affairs weighed more than the participants, involved in other types of activity. The experts note that one needs to take into account only those activities that lead to rapid heartbeat and make you breathe more often. The volunteers told the specialists about their level of physical activity, what sport they were involved in, their diet and bad habits (drinking and smoking). Special attention was paid to the information about the frequency of cleaning the house. When the experts took into account the height and weight of the volunteers, they found that only one in five of them reached the recommended indicators of weekly activity.

It is believed that cleaning the house is enough to maintain normal weight and shape, but the researchers discovered the opposite effect: such activities lead to gaining weight that is possibly connected with the overestimation of the amount of physical activity or eating too much. They note that if one does not have an opportunity to visit a gym, one can just walk during the lunch break, or use the stairs instead of the elevator.

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