Big Breast & Thin Waist No More Women’s Main Goal

Surgically augmented breasts and a thin waist, standard for porn actresses, have ceased to be popular among ordinary women. As the survey of British social scientists showed, this type of figure is considered the least desirable.


A few years ago, women went to beauty clinics to get the proportions that were considered the sexiest – a large bust and a slender waist. This type of female figure became especially desirable due to pornographic films, mostly popular among men. It was believed that a woman with such forms is the subject of most men’s dreams and the embodiment of sexiness.

10 years ago, every eighth woman dreamt of “a porn body” like those of Katie Price and Pamela Anderson. Today, women are massively rejecting augmented breasts, which only accentuate absolutely unnatural proportions. As the researchers found out, the majority of women do not want to look like porn stars and thus protest against men’s passion for adult movies, which increased sharply after the Internet appeared in our lives.

Only every 200th woman dreams of having Barbie doll proportions, and most of the girls said this type of female figure was vulgar and outdated. But the number of women who call a curvy body sexual has increased by 2 times – from 1.5 % to 3 % over the past 10 years. More and more women prefer natural forms. And fewer and fewer women find skinny women like Kate Moss sexy.

10 years ago, 40 % of girls starved themselves to become slimmer; today these are only 7%, which is good. Still, as much as 92 % of women, still feel pressure – it seems to them that the society and their close people expect them to be slim. Only then they will fit into the accepted standards.

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