7 Tips to Spend Less Time on Your Morning Beauty Routine

No way we can get round staying in the bathroom every morning working away at our makeup almost like slaves on a gallery. To think that we could put in another half an hour of sleep instead! Maybe it’s a vain dream, but optimize the beauty process we certainly can, and here are some tips that will help you glide over the morning routine easier. Begin with splashing your face well with cold water to wake up properly and to refresh yourself, and employ these little ruses to cheat time.

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1. See that your makeup is in the same place

It’s one of the essential tips! Arrange for an easy, on-the-spot access to all your makeup paraphernalia, so you have everything handy when you get down to it. Although it’s also a good idea to keep some items separately for special occasions like trips, dates or celebrations.

2. Don’t miss out on tinted moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer is a great helper, giving your skin a fresh look, disposing of any redness there may be, and you can put it on without covering up. Just slap it on and you’re ready to move off. Mind you buy a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

3. Do you really need to blow dry?

What really devours time is blow drying. If you want to save a lot of time in the morning, wash and take care of your hair in the evening. Consider arranging your hair in a wet bun on the top or doing a side braid. This way you may go through your morning routine much faster than usual.

4. See how much time every beauty step takes

You are sure to have steps in your regimen which you want to do as carefully as possible as well as the ones you consider more negligible. Before you begin, line up the most important things and get ready for doing them – it may save a lot of rummaging in your makeup compartment.

5. Get snappy about makeup

Be honest, are you always concentrating when making yourself up? If you know that you can get half-drowsy while at it, shake yourself up and focus on doing everything as quickly as possible. Set a deadline so as not to stretch it out unduly.

6. Take your lipstick along

Things like putting lipstick on can be delayed until the very end, even a few steps away from the office or other destination; it will look fresher this way, too. So, why not keep it at hand in your purse – and think what other things you can do out of your bathroom on the way where you’re heading.

7. Give yourself 5-10 minutes more

Set your alarm about 5-10 minutes earlier in the morning – this little ruse actually goes a long way. A few extra minutes may help eliminate with too much hurry and nervousness and let you be more leisurely about your beauty procedure. Also, if you’re pressed for time, you’ll feel better if you won’t have to skip something you would rather do. Create a good mood for the day through the feeling that you have done everything properly – and quickly!

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