Chin Augmentation More Popular Than Boob Job

Since 2010, British beauty clinics recorded a 50 % increase in the demand for chin plastic surgery. Today, these operations in the country are more popular than boob job.


Marilyn Monroe’s medical records published last week showed that the celebrity had undergone chin augmentation. Already during the Hollywood golden era in the 1950s, beauty clinics operated the richest and the most famous. Today, the popularity of chin augmentation with the help of an implant is breaking all records. For example, in the UK, it has already surpassed the number of operations on breast augmentation .

Among those who do the chin augmentation in the Foggy Albion 40% are men and 60 % are women. The patients’ average age is 25, and the average amount they have pay for surgery equals 4,500 pounds. By the way, Marilyn Monroe underwent chin plastic surgery at about that age.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin implant plastic surgery is the fastest growing segment of the industry in recent years. From 2011 to 2012, the demand for this type of operation in the US increased by 71%.

The representative of the Transform Cosmetic Surgery clinic, who ordered this research, said Marilyn Monroe was just ahead of her time. Chin plastic surgery can make young women’s face more expressive and gives a rejuvenating effect to the elderly, nullifying the laws of gravity – sagging skin. Since 2010, they have observed a huge increase in demand for plastic chin surgery.

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