7 Tips to Look Stunning All Day Long in the Summer Heat

Heat and the hot sun are on the horizon, and it will definitely cause a lot of positive emotions. However, each of us surely remembers the days when the sun is too hot, even scorching, which not only worsens our health, but spoils our appearance as well.


Cosmetic products seize, you sweat excessively, your hair gets dusty and oily very fast, as it is ruffled by the wind – it is not a pleasant thing to feel. Our tips will help you look perfect even on the hottest days!

1. Discard complicated hairstyles, excessive use of varnishes and gels

By the way, gels should not be abused in other seasons as well, but in the heat they are especially undesirable. Because of sweating and dust, it is difficult to preserve a complex hairstyle – in the middle of the day the hair can already look very unpresentable. And therefore you should give preference to fresh hair combed back in a ponytail. The last option is the most convenient one: the hair will not stick to the neck.

2. Do not use oily cosmetics

Eye shadows and lipsticks on an oil basis lose their appearance in the hot very quickly – they get smeared. The same is true about too oily shines and even lip balms. In the case of the latter – you will not see it, of course; however, you will surely have the unpleasant sensation of fat around the lips. If you use oily shadows, then make it a rule to apply them less in quantity in the heat, and add a bit powder on the top.

In the heat, it is best recommended to opt for dry shadows of neither bright not dark tones (dark ones will look too gloomy) as well as a transparent, but not greasy lip gloss. In general, the warm season is the time for naturalness, and first of all – in makeup. So choose pastel shades and golden tones, and replace the black mascara with brown one. This will soften the image!

3. Apply manicures more frequently

Be prepared for the fact that the nail polish, which looked fresh and shining in the cool period, will become “worthless” much faster during a heat wave. The matter is in the impact of the environment: heat, scorching sun and water (especially if you bathe often) will quickly spoil the appearance of the freshly applied nail polish. To look carefully manicured, update your nails once in a couple of days.

4. Use facial scrubs

In the hot season, our skin is prone to clogged pores more than usual due to dust and sweat, and therefore it should be cleaned more often. If you normally should use scrub once a week, in the heat you may apply it on your face twice a week.

5. Freshen your face

We are not talking about the frequent use of powder, despite the fact that the skin gets shiny in the heat more frequently. Freshen the skin with thermal water or tonic. Make it a rule not to powder it too often. For example, powder can be used in the morning, in the afternoon you can wash your face and freshen the face with tonic (this will remove some shine), and then re-powder the skin to look a lot more well-groomed and fresh.

By the way, try to rub the skin with ice cubes. It would be nice to freeze the infusion of chamomile or green tea – it will refresh and soothe the skin at the same time!

6. Use cream with a light texture

If rich creams are perfect for winter as they eliminate dryness and the feeling of tightness, in summer they will bring you a lot of discomfort. In the hot season, you should get a cream with a light texture – they are easily and quickly absorbed. It is best if you choose a cream with a filter from sunlight.

7. Wear sunglasses

They not only protect your eyes and the delicate skin around the eyes from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, but also prevent the early appearance of “crow’s feet” because without this accessory, you constantly have to squint!

Follow these simple tips to stay beautiful and attractive even in the hottest weather!