3 Sauces Making You Fat

Very many people use these sauces almost daily. Meanwhile, nutritionists warn that their regular presence on the plate, even in the amount of one or two spoons, may result in metabolic disorders in the body which will immediately increase body weight.



Some doctors believe that mayonnaise is the first instigator of excess weight that is associated with such problems as diabetes, reproductive system disease, strokes, and heart attacks.

Many people do not agree to the physicians’ warning that mayonnaise is directly related to the conditions leading to stroke and heart attack. Mayonnaise and sauces based on it contain the most dangerous kinds of fatty compounds – trans-fats resulting from the processing of vegetable oils. It is these fats that cause the formation of deadly dangerous plaques in arteries which lead to heart attacks and cerebral strokes.

Furthermore, mayonnaise often contains sugar, which increases its already considerable calorie content.


Ketchup has a high concentration of corn syrup and fructose, which make it one of the sweetest sauces. One tablespoon of ketchup contains four grams of sugar –slightly less than in Coke. Thus, even when the label says “sugar-free” or “organic ketchup” the sauce is still sweet because it contains sugar analogs rather than pure sugar.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is saturated with salt; it is number one product in terms of increasing blood pressure and contributing to hypertension. The fact is that salt leads to water retention in blood vessels – as a result, there is more blood, and the pressure on the vessel walls is increased. In a critical condition, they can just burst.

The second danger of salt intake is overweight. Salt may retard fluid not only in the blood vessels, but also in tissues, making them swell. If you want to become slimmer, forget about soy sauce (as well as mayonnaise and ketchup) and minimize the use of salt in general.

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