7 Beautiful Hair Tricks

Every woman wants to look perfect, but it is not possible unless you have perfect hair. Follow our tips for your hair beauty.

Hair cate tips

  1. If your dark hair roots started to show, and you don’t have time to see a hair stylist, make a zig-zag parting instead of a straight one.
  2. A thick fringe is the best way to make a visually voluminous hairstyle. If you wear a ‘ragged’ fringe, you risk losing the already missing volume.
  3. Choose the correct comb. It should be of animal hair bristles. If you are allergic to it, use a comb with nylon bristles – it keeps your hair voluminous and makes your strands smooth.
  4. If you decided to dye your hair at home, you should make it only one or two shades darker/lighter. A radical change of color should be done by a stylist only.
  5. Wet hair should be combed section by section. Take one strand and comb it from the center to the tips with a special comb – without roundels on the ends – then you can comb your hair completely.
  6. To make your hair shine beautifully, rinse it thoroughly with warm water after the shampoo, then proceed with cool water, and finally rinse the hair tips by extremely cold water.
  7. If your shampoo does not leave a permanent aroma, use a perfumed hair veil or hair oil. Do not try to replace these products with your favorite perfume: it contains alcohol drying the hair.