Sisley City Muse Makeup for Fall 2013

Pulsating city life, full of energy and creativity, boils and bustles. Whether it’s Paris or New York, London or Milan, this fall Sisley presents a true image of a city resident, the so-called city muse.


Her habitat is world’s largest cities, where legions of women enthusiastically pursue their careers. Taking a walk on the big boulevards or appearing at social events, she shows an androgynous elegance combined with an incredibly feminine makeup.



She wears a pants suit and a men’s shirt, which makes the silhouette elongated. The epitome of elegance, strolling in the city, Sisley’s city muse appears at cocktail parties and elegant receptions, using classic elements of men clothing in her own style.


In the fall, complexion becomes lighter, summer tan fades, giving way to a radiant transparent pinkish hue. Color accent in make-up is on the eyes and – especially – on the lips.