6 Tips for Coloring Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

Rich saturated hair color with a healthy sheen – isn’t it the result we dream about when buying a new hair color? But why do the best professional means work not so good at home? Maybe, the whole thing is in technology.


Master stylists and barbers are learning for years how to properly apply the dye. Therefore, their movements in the salon resemble a sophisticated game on classical music instruments. Their hands are moving graciously which leads to a delightful result. However, many women prefer to dye their hair at home. The scarce practice they get is almost always limited to dyeing their hair. Where can you gain experience and learn the secrets of this art?

1. Buy high-quality dyes

The beauty industry offers a huge selection of hair dyes. Though there are low cost options, there are also dyes sold at the price comparable with stylish hair accessories. However, the latter is quite reasonable. A good accessory will last for a long time, and a high-quality dye provides your tresses with a lasting color and health. Therefore, you should not try to save money on dyes; it is definitely not worth doing so, even if you have to update your color incredibly often.

What are professional dyes composed of? As a rule, all of them are based on oil and other nutrients, without which the hair suffers a lot in a modern environment from all the intensive home care and the use of hot appliances. Therefore, at first glance, low-cost dyes give good results, but in the long term their advantages are very controversial. After all, it is very difficult to get back the health of your hair.

2. Apply the product correctly

The main rule of dyeing is to apply the dye from root to tips, coloring each strand gently and smoothly. In order not to stain the skin on the forehead or neck pre-lubricate it with a greasy nutritious cream. Oily texture of the cosmetic product will not let the active components of the dye attach to the skin, so it is the cream that will be colored.

The second important rule is to apply your dye from the back of the head, consistently moving towards the bottom of the head. Why so? The skin on the back has a lower temperature in comparison with other areas of the head; as a consequence, the hair is dyed slower there. But we do want a nice smooth tone, right?

The third undeniable truth is using special brushes for dyeing. The traditional method of using an old toothbrush, suggested by our grandmothers, works very badly. The bristles of the toothbrush do not color the roots in a good way and leave gaps.

3. Consider the cumulative effect

Manufacturers of dyes do not warn their fans that their cosmetic product can accumulate in the hair. But to professionals this is a well-known fact. Home dyeing will not turn your hair into a tow bundle of an inexpressive tone, if you ask your hairdresser what dye is better for you to refresh the existing tone and to color the regrown tips.

4. Think about the consequences

If you prefer using natural beauty products, be consistent in your intentions. When using persistent dyes, the devotees of henna face the risk of unpredictable results. You can dream of a luxurious golden hue, but in fact you will get a faded marsh color. Fixing the consequences, both moral and physical, will be very difficult. Therefore, our advice would be to use persistent dyes after henna only if you have regrown and cut your previously colored hair.

5. Master the details of haircare

A beautiful smooth tone is not the result of competent staining only, but of the subsequent proper care as well. It is not recommended to use masks and oils for the hair for two weeks after the procedure of refreshing (changing) the color. Since the latest modern technology penetrates the hair structure and strengthens it, it can also wash resistant professional dyes. So make sure to apply them later.

The things you really need immediately after the dyeing procedure are a shampoo and a conditioner for colored hair. This nuance is very important: a shampoo and a conditioner should work as a duo, complementing each other. Also do not forget about the hair mask. If you are using a mask, the conditioner is not needed because the mask itself works as a conditioner.

6. Hairstyling should be careful

Good styling makes a woman irresistible, so we start every morning with this procedure. The hot devices that contribute to our beauty, that is a hair dryer and an iron, are harmful for the curls. They can be used only after the application of special thermo-protective products. Sprays are well-known in this respect; they are easy to apply and they are evenly spread over the entire length of the hair.

Sprinkle the hair with a hairspray to complete the styling. For this purpose, you must purchase a hairspray with regenerating properties. It contributes to hairstyling and dyes and heals damaged hair.

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