5 Alternative Uses of Hair Spray

Did you know that hair spray can also be used in other cases, except those directly aimed at making the hair beautiful. Here are some ideas for alternative use of hair spray.


1. Decorate jeans with Hair Spray

If you have hair spray with glitter at hand, do not rush to get rid of it after spraying only the hair. It can be used to decorate your… jeans.

2. Hair Spray For tights

If you spray it on your new tights, they will last much longer, and the first pulls will appear much later.

3. Hair spray for Saving a canvas

Transparent hair spray is suitable for securing a canvas when sprayed from a distance of one meter. In addition, it will make the painting a little darker.

4. Hair Spray as a self-defense Tool

Your hair spray may come in handy if you need to come back home alone. If a criminal attacks you or demands a purse, spray the beauty product into his eyes and run as far as possible.

5. Farm livehack

This exotic way is unlikely to be useful, except for educational purposes. The fact is that Swiss farmers use hair spray on their cows before selling them. The cows’ appearance allows resourceful farmers to sell their animals at a higher price.

Feel free to experiment, and maybe you will find other extraordinary ways to use this very common hair product.

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