9 Secrets of Preparing Delicious Meat Dishes

What if your meat is overdone? How to roast liver that would remain soft? How to cook a delicious chicken?


  1. Liver becomes very tasty if you keep it in milk for 2-3 hours before frying. Liver is roasted unsalted, otherwise it will be hard.
  2. You can easily remove liver membrane, if you put it in hot water for a minute.
  3. If roasted liver has become dry and hard, it is necessary to fill the frying pan with sour cream and onion sauce, bring it to the boiling point and let it simmer at low heat until the liver gets softer. The liver should be served with the sauce in which it was cooked.
  4. If the stew is too salty, you can add pre-cut fresh tomatoes to the dish, and the salt will not be felt.
  5. If you have put too much salt in the meat, add unsalted flour or butter sauce to the dish, and it will absorb extra salt. Sour cream can be added to roasted meat: for this purpose hot salted meat is put in a bowl with cold sour cream, the meat is cooled and then heated again (preferably on a water bath).
  6. Boiled chicken will taste better if you salt it after removing from the broth, and then put it in another pan, covered with a lid or a towel.
  7. If a fridge is not available, fresh meat can be stored during one day, if it is wrapped in a thin cloth moistened with vinegar.
  8. Sausages will not burst while being cooked, if you puncture them with a fork before dipping them in water.
  9. Some varieties of smoked sausage are quite difficult to peel. But if you put sausage in cold water for half a minute, it will not be difficult to remove the peel.

Bon appetit!

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