3 Tips to Make Hand Skin Less Dry

In winter, hands get dry instantly. It is enough to wash a dish or leave the house without gloves, and one already feels dryness and fissures of hand skin. Can we avoid this?

1. Peeling

Regular peeling allows the skin to absorb more moisture. Do not fail to use this procedure when taking care of your hands. This is best done in the shower, when peeling the skin of the body or face. Regular peeling will prevent the hand skin from cracking. However, if the cracks have appeared, it is better to abstain from peeling until the skin is healed completely.

2. Wear SPA Gloves

This item will help you save your hand skin from drying out. From the inside, they are soaked with a gel that contains moisturizing ingredients (such as grape seed extract). The product’s service life is up to 50 performances! These gloves can be made at home: you just have to take cotton gloves and put them on the hands, smeared with a thick layer of moisturizing hand skin cream.

3. Avoid High Water Temperature

Hand washing should not be missed, even in winter. However, the water temperature should not be high. Hot water dries the skin. After washing your hands, treat the skin carefully with lotions or moisturizers.

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