Suri Cruise to Get a $50,000 Christmas Gift

After the divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri seemed to have started a new life: ordinary flights instead of private airplanes, daily trips by subway instead of a limousine, planning the family budget…

Suri Cruise

Enough of that! It seems too early to talk about the “economy” way of life that the new star of Broadway should have. According to certain sources of information, Katie decided to “sweeten” Suri’s first Christmas without dad with the gifts, which cost as much as 50 thousand dollars.

The Sun newspaper reports that Holmes bought a doll house in the Victorian style with running water and electricity for more than 24 thousand dollars. This “Barbie penthouse” can hardly be fitted into the mother and daughter’s apartment on Manhattan.

In addition, Santa Claus will present six-year old Miss Cruise with an iPad Mini and a children’s version of the Mercedes-Benz luxury car for nine thousand dollars. Here we do not even take into account another pair of designer outfits. Suri must have been a really good girl this year!

She may be lucky to see her own father this Christmas (they meet with Cruise extremely rarely because of his busy schedule). Tom told the People magazine that he wanted to celebrate Christmas with Suri as well as adopted children Isabella and Connor in the company of Nicole Kidman:

“We are all going to be together. I am looking forward to it.”

Katie has not commented anything so far.

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