Rob Pattinson Is Worried about Kristen Stewart's Leaving Him

The two-and-a-half years of Robert Pattinson’s romantic affair with Kristen Stewart may be not the happiest time in his life! Sources say that the famous actor is riddled with anxiety over her possible desertion.

Robert Pattinson Worried about Kristen's leaving him

A source close to the actress spills that the vampire hero is always feeling insecure. He is being driven mad by the thought that she will “blow him off.” Another source describes him as being “desperate” for Stewart’s affection which seems to be lacking.

While Pattinson, 25, looks perfectly ready to tie the knot, Stewart, 21, prefers to fly free. Maybe she is too young for that, their mutual Breaking Dawn friend intimates, and she’s just playing for the fun of it, as is the wont of her age?

Source of the image: Teenstarsworld.

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