Results of the Year 2011: Celebrities

The outgoing year was memorable not only due to music, but also because of scandals and the new trends in fashion. The celebrities have pleased us (and some of them have upset us) in 2011: lush weddings, childbirth, pregnancy and separations. recalls how the celebrities behaved in 2011 and what they will be remembered for.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Weddings of the Year 2011

Love fever in 2011 has resulted in several high-society weddings, among which Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton‘s wedding ceremony was the obvious leader. The long-awaited marriage of a royal person with “a representative of the people” was covered on all continents. The ceremony, held at Westminster Abbey and attended by about 2000 people, was watched by more than 5 million people around the world.

Kate Middleton wedding dress

Naturally, everyone’s attention was focused on Kate’s dress, created by the current head of the Alexander McQueen Fashion House Sarah Burton.

Prince Monaco Albert II and Charlize Wittstock  wedding

The second royal wedding took place in Monte Carlo, where Prince Albert II of Monaco and his old friend, athlete Charlize Wittstock got married. The guests and the journalists were drawn not even to the wedding ceremony, but to the scandal, surrounding this event, which had been revealed on the eve of the celebration. The girl tried to repeat the journey of the heroine of the famous film “Runaway Bride”, knowing that her future husband had been caught in yet another adultery. Charlize tried to avoid the marriage, but she was intercepted at the airport in Nice and returned to the prince.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince wedding

This year, the model Kate Moss and Jamie Hince have united their lives; the singer Lily Allen has got married with her boyfriend.

Wedding of Lilly Allen

Couples of the Year 2011

The participants in this category have not yet thought about the wedding, but they have already confessed their romantic feelings to each other. The most active girl, who has been non-stop looking for a boy-friend and has eventually found her happiness, is the star of Gossip Girl Blake Lively.

Couple 2011 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

We might recall here that Lively had been trying for some time to establish herself as a beloved lady of the famous bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio. But after the soon break up with Leo, Blake found the strength to pay some attention to Scarlett Johansson’s former husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Happy couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

One cannot fail to notice the personal happiness that has finally come to Jennifer Aniston. After the painful divorce and several years of romantic failures, she seems to have found her soul mate. Her romance with the actor and the screenwriter Justin Theroux attracts the attention of the media. The rings on Aniston’s fingers are constantly called wedding ones, and the lady herself admits that she is ready for a new marriage and giving birth to children.

Breakups of the Year 2011

After the official representative of Jennifer Lopez had announced her decision to divorce her famous husband Marc Anthony, the public was unexpectedly petrified. The couple had already been married for seven years, they had experienced the birth of twins and had common property throughout the world. However, this did not stop Jennifer. She made a final and irrevocable decision of divorce, of which she was the initiator. A few months after the divorce, Lopez was supposed to get married with Bradley Cooper and Jason Statham. But she decided to walk the well-trodden path again and repeated the experience of the relationship with a dancer, having started to date a young backup dancer Casper Smart.

Breaup of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

In contrast to “irreconcilable differences” between Lopez and Anthony, the separation of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher can hardly be called peaceful. After eight years together, with six of these years spent in a legal marriage, the relationship of the celebrity couple did not withstand the test of betrayal.

Breakup of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher – the whole world looked at this couple with a gasp. They had been able to convince the public that age difference was not fatal to the spouses, even if the husband was 16 years younger than his wife. They confessed loving each other and spoke about it on “Twitter”, gave sentimental interviews and participated in beautiful photo shoots. At the same time, close friends knew that Kutcher regularly betrayed his wife.

Will Smith and Jada Pinket Breakup

But this parting was not the last in 2011: another marriage that had seemed perfect, burst into pieces. The Hollywood couple of actors, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, decided to separate after 15 years of marriage and the birth of two children.

A woman of fashion Kim Kardashian has also managed to distinguish herself, having divorced two months after the loud wedding ceremony. Today, this action is called the main farce in 2011.

Fiasco of the Year 2011

Stars are accustomed to the fact that their professional and personal life is carefully watched by the international media, and every rise or fall of theirs is discussed by the whole world. 2011 has been a real failure for Christina Aguilera. Her problems began in late 2010, after divorcing the singer and her husband Jordan Bratman. Aguilera rapidly gained weight, had to withstand a series of harsh criticism against her creative activity, and then gained some more extra weight. The next thing was the miserable failure of her new “Bionic” album, which set a record of the speediest falling down to the bottom of the ratings from the upper lines of the charts, where it had accidentally happened to be due to the fans’ old memory. In addition, the “Burlesque” movie, where Christina had experienced an unconvincing debut as an actress, became the chief cinematic disappointment of the year.

Christina Aguilera gained extra weight

The final chord of Aguilera’s disastrous season was her performance at a concert-tribute to Michael Jackson, where she appeared before the audience with a terrible overweight, but was tightened in an open corset. After that, the U.S. media suggested that she simply was no longer capable of evaluating herself adequately.

Babies and Pregnancies of the Year 2011

In 2011, Hollywood has celebrated a real “baby boom”. Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, January Jones, Lily Allen, Natalie Portman and many other actresses have become mothers.

Pregnant Kate Hudson

The singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham has become a mother for the fourth time, but the public cheers were caused by the fact that the Beckham family had finally had their long-awaited daughter. Before that, Victoria and David had had three sons. The girl was named Harper Seven. The rumor went that just a couple of months after her birth, the baby had turned into a new accessory for the celebrity mom. Victoria would only go out with her newborn daughter, while being in full feather and on huge heels.

Victoria Beckham with Harper Seven

The baby boom still continues, since Jessica Simpson, Sasha Pivovarova and Jennifer Garner have already announced their pregnancy.

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