Cheryl Cole Stores Her Shoes in the Fridge

Even with her height of 160 cm, the singer Cheryl Cole looks down on all: the star has gathered an impressive collection of shoes, which is constantly enlarged with new specimens. As you may guess, it is getting more difficult with every day to keep that wealth.

Cheryl Cole shoes collection

The singer proudly confesses she has 2000 pairs of shoes in her wardrobe. And this is after she got rid of a considerable part of her collection. From time to time, she has a revision of her shoes in the wardrobe. For Cheryl, each pair of shoes is associated with certain memories. So she tries to get rid of some of them very quickly, while other shoes are kept for years. For instance, Cheryl’s collection contains “terribly inconvenient Louboutins». The singer admits it is impossible to walk in them, so Cole tries to wear them as little as possible (five-minute appearances on the red carpet are not counted).

Cheryl Cole shoes

Cheryl’s rich collection consists exclusively of the shoes with high heels or those on a platform. The lady realizes she is not tall, so she uses every opportunity to look taller. She has always loved to choose shoes, but they have become a real fetish for her recently. Cheryl keeps her many shoes in any place available. The star has confessed they can no longer fit into the wardrobe, so any free space is valuable. Her shoes are everywhere: one can find a couple of boxes in kitchen cupboards, in the bathroom, and in any room in her house. The shoes can be seen in the most unusual places. There is a great probability that some sandals or shoes will fall out of the fridge if you open it! Could this obsessive love of shoes have been the reason why Cheryl’s husband left her? Apparently, he was not ready for everyday bombing with Louboutins and Choos.

Cheryl Cole high heels collection

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