Perez Hilton Gets Thrashed for Posting Miley Cyrus Photo

Perez Hilton, 32-year-old blogger, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira Jr., should have thought twice last Monday before posting the damning picture that can cause him a cartload of trouble!

Miley Cyrus

The photo he posted, one of Miley Cyrus getting out of a car – a clearly paparazzi piece of work – looks so explicit that Geniusbeauty shies from reproducing it, either untouched or censored. Cyrus being underage, the charge of child pornography may be imminent.

It’s a dubitable point whether the photo was genuine or had been Photoshopped for greater effect, but, from the legal point of view, it doesn’t change anything. The penalty under the law covers even photos that are overtly faked or computer-processed.

The photo elicited an immediate adverse reaction, and though Perez Hilton was quick to remove it, the next day all hell broke loose. Pelted at by Tuesday talk shows, Hilton drew an angry retort from Cyrus herself, who referred to him as an idiot to Ryan Seacrest on the KIIS-FM radio show and voiced her regret that such negative outbursts should precede the release of her new song, Can’t Be Tamed.

Cyrus added that she is trying to cling to the positive outlook on things in spite of there being so many who don’t seem to appreciate the meaning of positivity and multiply negativity. quotes Jeffrey Douglas, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney specializing in child pornography cases, who said that it comes under the definition of a purposeful distribution of photos and therefore sufficient grounds for calling it a crime.

Perez Hilton reacted by posting a video on his Web site on Tuesday where he admitted to trying to be “controversial”, but adding that he doesn’t want to incur legal prosecution. According to him, the photo wasn’t in the least bit obscene.

Source of the image: Rainreflections.

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