Is Miley Cyrus Anorexic?

The public, which usually uses the smallest reason to be worried about celebrities, has been keenly discussing Miley Cyrus‘ rapid weight loss. In recent pictures, made by the paparazzi, it is clearly seen the girl has lost at least a few kilos, which immediately got reflected on her figure, making it thinner and more angular now.

Slim Miley Cyrus

Responding to the allegations of anorexia, sounded on the pages of tabloids, the singer made herself clear in her Twitter:
“For everyone calling me anorexic, I have a gluten and lactose allergy, it’s not about weight – it’s about health. Gluten is crap anyway!”

In a private conversation with one of the fans, the pop star said that refusing to eat foods containing gluten she found that her skin had become clearer, and her physical and psychological well-being had got better.

But do not be quick to say a resounding “no” to cereals: nutritionists claim that there is no evidence that a gluten-free diet promotes rapid weight loss. Moreover, they do not recommend anyone to resort to it but for those, who suffer from food allergies.

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