Mel Gibson's Ex Gets Half His Fortune after Divorce

It’s all over for Mel Gibson and his now ex-wife Robyn after almost 30 years of marriage, officially and with strings attached. The actor had to fork out a hefty payment for being single legally.

Mel Gibson divorce payout

Their divorce was finalized in Los Angeles on Friday; there having been no prenuptial agreement, half of Gibson’s earnings during their marriage goes to Robyn (who had seven children by Gibson). The 55-year-old divorcee ought to hack off something like $425 million going by a 2006 estimation of the actor’s fortune. It will make the Gibson divorce payout the greatest in the history of Hollywood so far!

The estimation of Gibson’s fat wad includes over $600 million brought in by his memorable film The Passion of the Christ; over $100 million invested in real estate in different parts of the world – like the $15 million purchase of an island in Fiji back in 2005 – and his executive production work on film and TV projects that amounts to approximately $75 million.

Robyn is already reported to own a weighty share, two $22.5 million Malibu homes for example. Gibson’s future movie money will also be halved to Robyn’s gain.

The 55-year-old actor came across Robyn in the late 1970ies when he had already acquired fame with Mad Max and she was working as a dental nurse. Last year, when Gibson was playing around with his Russian girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, he opened up that he walked out on his wife because he felt they didn’t have any “spiritual common ground” in conversations that she recorded in secret.

By midsummer 2010 he and Grigorieva were engaged in a custody dispute; when his musician girlfriend accused the actor of violent behavior, Robyn responded with a sworn statement where she affirmed that her husband had never stooped to domestic violence and had invariably been a caring father.

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