How to Cure Caries?

Wenyuan Shi from the University of California has developed a mouthwash that can kill bacteria threatening with caries.

Mouthwash to destroy bacteria

The scientist and his colleagues have figured out how bacteria interact in their colonies, creating plaque on the teeth. Bacteria convert food particles into the acid, destroying the enamel and leading to tooth decay. The accumulation of plaque also leads to gum diseases and even tooth loss.

To combat the bacteria, the doctors have used a “specially targeted antimicrobial peptides» (STAMPs). They affect the bacteria that cause tooth decay, and do not affect other bacteria.

The technology is fundamentally different from antibiotics that kill all bacteria indiscriminately. The product has already been tested on 12 patients. They were offered to use a special mouthwash once in 4 days. It made significant reducing of the concentration of S.mutans possible.

Wenyuan Shi has already received a grant to conduct larger studies. The experts emphasize that even if the product enters the market, one will still have to brush one’s teeth.

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