Megan Fox Looks Asian after Facelift

Megan Fox surprised us with her looks again. Plastic surgeons literally made the celebrity look like a representative of another race. Markedly narrowed eyes give Megan an Asian look now. Of course, we do not have anything against Asian beauty, but the actress has apparently lost her individuality.


Paparazzi hardly recognized the 28-year-old actress Megan Fox at the premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was obvious that she had recently visited plastic surgeons – her eyes became significantly narrower. Fox did not try to hide the results of the facelift but demonstrated her new squint rather zealously. In pursuit of a sex appeal, the actress has come to resemble an eastern beauty.

Because of her addiction to plastic surgeries, Megan has lost her individuality. Her photos clearly show how the actress has changed over the past few years. The woman has augmented her lips and breasts, corrected her nose and cheekbones, as well as got rid of small wrinkles using Botox injections. However, Fox is not going to stop stunning the fans with new looks each time.

The actress is popular and successful. She is married and has recently given birth to a second child. However, all this hardly affects her self-esteem, and Megan Fox continues to doubt her beauty.

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