Worst Style Killers


Being stylish and well groomed are very close notions, if not interchangeable ones. Few will dare to argue that one can look stylish without being well groomed. Conversely, a well-groomed, thought-over image, where details are skillfully combined, can hardly be called distasteful, and its owner will not join the ranks of tastelessly dressed fashionista. However, girls sometimes tend to make mistakes trying to achieve a bright and attractive look: it is still okay if you choose the wrong color of a blouse or dress or if you fail to put on seasonable clothes, but some errors are real style killers! Read about them in our article today.


1. Slovenliness

How many perfect, carefully selected images were spoiled by elementary slovenliness! Even the most beautiful dress will not adorn a woman with unwashed hair, peeling nail polish, dirty shoes, the smell of sweat or clumps of mascara on the eyelashes. You can go to a party without exquisite perfume on, but not with dirty hair!

If the condition of your nail polish is poor, better wash it off completely rather than go out with peeling enamel. If you wear acrylic nails, promptly see a nail person for correction, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous.

Do not start applying time-taking makeup, if you have a few minutes left – spotted foundation, arrows of different lengths and poorly made up eyelashes do not adorn anyone. Let the makeup be modest and barely visible, but neat!

Mind your clothing: the day before you wear something, inspect the clothes for small holes, unwashed blots, showing threads, stains caused by the detergent, buttons torn off, etc. By the way, your pet’s or your own hair on the clothes will not add charm to the image!

2. Irrelevance

On a Saturday night, take a couple of hours to revise your wardrobe, choosing which items will look good at work, at a party, at friendly get-togethers, or while doing sports. Do it when you can think clearly without being in a hurry five minutes before going out. If you decide that this wonderful dress with sequins is a great option for a night at a club, do not be tempted to wear it during the day, at work or while shopping. Every thing has its time and place.

Nowadays girls often show excessive love of tracksuits and all kinds of chunky knit sweaters, wearing them at any occasion. If you want be a stylish woman, leave the chunky sweaters, sweatpants and sneakers for jogging and evening walks with the dog or for gatherings around the campfire. Such clothes are definitely not for office or university.

3. Frankly bad taste

Despite the fact that today anyone can see pictures from the most well-known catwalks of the world on the Internet, and the media are full of free advice from designers on what and how to wear, some girls are putting their personal taste (or rather lack thereof) above it all. It happens, however, that even in a very stylish and well-chosen wardrobe, influenced by society or market fashion, there appear the items, which can clearly spoil their owner’s look. So, what are the clothing taboos?

  • Protruding underwear. Yes, panties, showing from low-waist jeans, protruding bra straps, as well as bright lacy camisoles under a translucent blouse or shirt. Wear them if you want to look tasteless.
  • Several fashionable trends or brands combined in one image – you do not want to look as if you had just robbed a boutique?
  • Counterfeit bags from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, D&G and others. Such fake bag with a logo covering half of it cannot make your image stylish.
  • Large fake Swarovski crystals. Forgery of different colors adorning various body parts look ridiculous and cheapen the image very much.
  • Finally, a few words on facial expressions and gestures. If you want to look stylish, give up the now fashionable facial expression known as duckface.