Matt Bomer to Play Christian Grey?

The book “Fifty Shades of Grey” continues to conquer the world, and the producers, who bought the rights to adapt the “mommy porn” for the screen, have not yet approved the actors for the main roles.

Dozens of Hollywood stars have expressed their desire to take part in the project, but cinema bosses are afraid of miscasting the actor to perform the ambiguous role of a mentally injured, cruel and at the same time noble Christian Grey, who can not imagine love without whips, binding and other attributes of the sadomasochistic relationship. Being afraid of selecting the wrong actor, they just play for time.

Maybe, they should take into account the results of an independent online vote, arranged by Booksandreview? The portal asked all the fans of the story to select the best candidate for the role of a mysterious millionaire, who knows a lot about submission, humiliation, and domination.

And what do you think? Matt Bomer has got a landslide victory with a significant advantage: his video scored 42 percent of the votes, while the video with his rival Ian Somerhalder received only 23 percent of the votes!

Fifty Shades of Grey Book

The fans believe that Bomer is perfect for the role of Grey, and he will be incomparable in reflecting the contradictory nature of the movie character.

However, there are people, who disagree to the decision. Their main argument is that Bomer is a gay, and a role of this kind will be apriori a fake performance on his part.

Somerhalder is thought to cope with the role without any problems:

“I can’t imagine someone else than Ian for Christian Grey! He is so hot, sexy and has that mysterious look that burns you, like he’s hiding something, he will be perfect!”

By the way, Somerhalder himself supports this opinion, but it is unclear if the producers will consider his will and the will of his fans. And whom do you see as Christian Grey?

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