Lindsay Lohan's New Hair Color

While we were still getting used to Lindsay Lohan‘s new golden hair color she suddenly changed it once again. The actress demonstrated her newly dyed with soft curls hair at the Rock and Roll Circus, New York. Cappuccino-like color turned out to be rather interesting, plus the curls had some texture. Strong-hold hairspray made her hair invincible against any rain or wind.

Lindsay Lohan's New and Old Hair Color

Notice the trendy dark manicure on Lindsay‘s fingers, this style surpassed the coquettish bright tones this season. It looks like she was inspired by the fashion shows from Zac Posen, Dolce&Gabbana, Giorgio Armani and Badgley Mischka that used dark nail polish as the key accent in their styles this season.

Trendy dark manicure on Lindsay's fingers.

But, what a disaster! It looks like the star of “Freaky Friday” and “Just my Luck” paid too little attention to her knees and ankles when applying the self-tanning cream. No matter how bad one’s eyesight is, on the photo they do look too light compared to the rest of the body.

Lindsay Lohan's New Body Color

Apparently, Lindsay remembered the golden rule to apply less autobronzant on the knees and elbows since they would turn bright brownish if too much cream on them were applied. Attentive Lindsay probably took this rule too literally.

Photos of Lindsay Lohan:

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