LeAnn Rimes Enters a Treatment Facility to Battle Anxiety

The first thing LeAnn Rimes does after turning 30 is trying to regain control over her emotions – which she did by checking into an in-patient facility. The information has been confirmed by her rep Marcel Pariseau and reported by PEOPLE.

LeAnn Rimes
According to Pariseau, the country singer made the decision to undergo treatment fully voluntarily, wishing to better her abilities of coping with stress and anxiety. There is nothing else to it, the rep accentuated to stifle unnecessary speculations, no previous instances like substance abuse or eating disorders are applicable now. Any privacy possible in the circumstances will be appreciated.

Rimes herself said that she expects to be back in her life in a month “as the best 30-year-old woman I can be.” She had decided to take time out to collect some tools helping her fight back issues that are cluttering up her life.

The singer’s husband Eddie Cibrian is backing his wife up and believes her decision is brave and commendable. The 39-year-old voices his pride that his wife – whom he calls “the most remarkable and courageous woman” he knows – should have found time to care for herself, and he will be supporting her in everything she does.

Rimes has been having her plate full what with the expected release of her new album Spitfire and arrangements for a subsequent tour, and she is not going to let her fans down. By her agreement with the facility, she will make breaks from treatment to meet her tour obligations.

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