Pippa Middleton Has Written a Book

While Duchess of Cambridge Catherine is present at the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games together with Prince William, her sister Pippa Middleton has just returned from Paris. After a vacation, all the girl’s thoughts are focused on the publishing of her first book.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa’s first “attempt at writing” is called Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends – the book will help turn any occasion into a noisy and festive party. The cover of the new book has already appeared in the network with a photo of Pippa and a collage of funny and bright pictures.

Each chapter begins with a hilarious joke or a funny story. Thus, Pippa decided to give the reader a joyful mood and hinted that we should not take her book too seriously.

Pippa did not expect to get the laurels of multimillionaire chef Martha Stewart, but added some simple and tasty recipes for the party to the “folio” (which contains as many as 400 pages!).

The “holiday” theme for the book was chosen not without reason: Pippa has long been working in the Table Talk event company (the company is partially owned by the Middleton family), so she knows very well how to arrange a perfect party.

The book by Pippa will go on sale next month and will cost $50. The beginning author has already got a considerable reward: the Penguin Books publishers transferred $640,000 to Pippa Middleton’s account.

By the way, some would probably rather party with Prince Harry than with Pippa, as he really knows how to have fun and how to make people talk about his parties.

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