Lady Gaga Has Dropped Weight

At her concert at the Puerto Rico Coliseum in San Juan on the last day of October Lady Gaga had a lot to show – like her toned down svelte figure and a succession of stunning outfits.

Singer Lady Gaga

The Queen of Quaint Costumes strutted the stage in knee-high boots sporting a bare midriff and wearing a pointy-shouldered black jacket over a sparkle-studded brassiere, with a miniskirt to match.

The black ensemble was followed up with white – Lady Gaga appeared from a stone-like archway in a sleeveless dress and an unusual-looking hat sitting on her head at an outlandish angle.

While on tour, the Born This Way singer keeps thinking about America and her family, going by her Twitter messages this week: she came up with “I’m never watching Grease again #SandySucks” and then added that she was “thinking of you all” as she was getting ready to say her prayers and retire for the night.

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